Discover Drew Students Web cast meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
I cannot hear anyone.
Vanessa Raab
Did you join the video audio?
Heather Robinson
Sorry about that.....maybe headphones would work best?
Thank you Vanessa!
Vanessa Raab
You’re welcome!
Heather Robinson
Please feel free to ask questions here! We are happy to answer them!
Maddie Ortiz
how do you balance a major, minors and clubs/activities?
Rachel Papa
I learned very early on that time management is key! I am a double major and participate in a lot and I find that my google calendar is my best friend. Allotting time for homework and things like when I do laundry or hang out with friends is really helpful in balancing everything out.
Tessa Bagby
Hey Maddie! You’d be surprised at how much you can do when you’re on a small campus. Like Rachel, I’m a double major and I’m active in all sorts of things on campus, so Google Calendar and organizing your time helps a ton! It’s also important to learn how much time you need for yourself; it’s fun to be involved, but it’s also okay to pace yourself or have a couple things that you focus on rather than filling every minute of your day.
Maddie Ortiz
thank you!
Heather Robinson
Heather Robinson
Keep asking them.....
Kristian Perez
As someone planning on studying theater, what is it like participating in student work? I haven't had much experience doing that. Also I attended this presentation she is talking about
Maddie Ortiz
do you know anything about the music program specifically? like the choir/voice programs?
When do the newly enrolled students all get to chose their roommates? What happens if you didn't get the chance to chose one? Another question. For the action scholars program, if lock down is still in place how will we accumulate hours for doing community service?
Rachel Papa
Working at the concert hall, my favorite events to work are the a cappella concerts! I have friends in all of them and they are phenomenal!
Maddie Ortiz
thank you! I am a music major, after hearing you can work at the concert hall I would love to do that.
Vincent Costa
@Amelia, typically students choose their roommate when they register for housing in the summer. If you don’t know anyone going in, no worries at all! There is a survey that asks a whole bunch of questions that the Residence Life team will use to pair you up with someone. Your RA will work with you and your roommate to fill out a Roommate Contract which lays out the rules you decide together for the room so everyone feels happy and comfortable in their new home. I went in random, and my roommate became my best friend my Freshman year!
Thank you!
Maddie Ortiz
can you put any major with the teacher education program? I am a music major and when I went for my interview I was told I could do it with my music major, but I wanted to make sure.
Heather Robinson
Yes you can!
Kennedy Bugg
Besides the Drew first year seminars are there any other required first year classes
Maddie Ortiz
^ going off that, what classes do you take your freshman year?
Heather Robinson
Yes Drew 110 as well as a Drew Seminar for first year students.
Heather Robinson
You take the classes you chose during your orientation conf with your advisor this summer.
Rachel Papa
Yes DREW 110 also known as Launch which you take in the spring. I just finished the course last week and also as a part of student government I meet biweekly with the launch program masters talking about both the class work and launch programs. Basically we go over preparation for your time at Drew in beyond going over possible majors if you are undecided and what path might be right for you as well as if you are decided the different immersive expierences you can take advantage while at Drew. We do resume preparation as well as get feedback and connections with alumni in your fields. I can talk for hours on end about this course so feel free to email me more questions at rpapa@drew.edu !
Vanessa Raab
Classes can depend on your major and on general education requirements. For example, as a STEM major, I had to take intro chemistry and biology course. Your advisor helps you pick the right classes that prepare you for future classes, always dedicating to making sure you’re choosing the best classes for you.
Vanessa Raab
If anyone has questions about being a club leader, STEM programs, RISE, DSSI, and mentorship at Drew, feel free to email me at vraab@drew.edu :)
Fredy Soto
any questions here is my email fsoto@drew.edu