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Martha Gotwals
Can't stay long, but gotta say, as well as graduating from the college at Drew in 1969 (and also being part of anti-war protests way back when), I had a brief freelance job with United Methodist Women after the United Church of Christ, where I was on the national staff, moved to Cleveland. While I sometimes have arguments with the UMC, I treasured my time at Drew and what I learned. And it's made me really happy to reconnect with my alma mater. Finally, as an active member of Judson Memorial Church (in Greenwich Village) and a long-time member of Judson's ordination committee, I just have to say how lucky we've been in the folks who have been part of our community minister program.
Olivia DiAgostino, she/her
Always nice to see another UMW and Drew alum, Martha!
Martha Gotwals
Uh, just gotta claarify, I was originally Schwenkfelder (5 churches in PA), and mostly UCC now though I have some fond Methodist memories.
Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett (she/her)
District Committee on Ordained Ministry
Olivia DiAgostino, she/her
I’m in Dunellen! Love seeing central NJ neighbors!
Martha Gotwals
Kevin, as a communications person for my entire career, thank you for your message. Teresa, hope I got that right, thank you for your story ad your work with the farmworkers -- which I go way back with from the days of Cesar Chevez and Dolores Huerta.
Rev. Dr. Kevin D. Miller (He, Him, His)
Thank you so very much Martha. I appreciate it.
Martha Gotwals
Finishing, I live in NYC. I'm forcibly retired. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.
Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett (she/her)
Thank you, Martha.
Scott Ostlund (he/him)
I have to run to teach. Thanks to everyone for their powerful stories/testimonies/witness!!!
Olivia DiAgostino, she/her
Yes! Transformation work
Patricia Hennigan (she/her)
Thanks for your words, everyone. I have to go finish a paper! BTW - I'm also in Communications and am taking a big leap by leaving my job next week. This conversation has been helpful!
Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett (she/her)
Thanks for being here, Patricia!
Gonzalo thank you for allowing me to hear the coquies such a treat
Donna Owusu-Ansah
Thank you for the opportunity!
James Lee (he/him)
Had an awesome time. Thank you everyone!!
Thank you! Good to see your smiling faces.
H. Rebekah Keazer
Thank you all for sharing! I didn't really have much to share, unfortunately, but definitely adding myself to the list of Communications folks